Rythm & Movement

African drumming - Stu Ogier

Join Stuart Ogier for an introduction to west African drumming. Beginners are welcome and drums supplied in this workshop of rhythm and beats.

Drumming is a great activity for all ages!  As well as being a lot of fun it increases motor skill and coordination, improves listening and cooperative skills, encourages inclusiveness and sharing, evokes creativity and imagination and celebrates cultural diversity!


Belly dancing - Jangles and Bangles

Jangles & Bangles will lead their first belly dance workshop at Sark Roots 2018. No prior knowledge or dance experience is necessary and everyone is welcome. This will be a low impact session to music where you will learn some basic but fun movements to introduce you to belly dance. Suitable for all ages.Jangles & Bangles will lead their first belly dance workshop at Sark Roots 2018. No prior knowledge or dance experience is necessary and everyone is welcome. This will be a low impact session to music where you will learn some basic but fun movements to introduce you to belly dance. Suitable for all ages.


Animal Flow - Pete Galliot

What is Animal Flow I hear you ask? Some say it's like yoga, breakdancing or even capoeira. In truth it's all these and more!

 Animal Flow is an innovative fitness programme that combines quadrupedal and ground-based movement alongside elements of various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun and challenging workout which emphasises multi-planar, fluid movement.

No matter what your sports or fitness goals are, Animal Flow will improve your mobility, strength, endurance and power. Whether you’re an extreme athlete or just looking to get fit – Animal Flow is for anyone who wants to reach toward obtaining peak physical condition and have fun while doing it.

We’ll be designing a Flow that everyone of all abilities will be able to do and take away with them that day!

See you there! Pete 


Contact improvisation - Emily Grainger

This physical workshop is offered as an introduction to contact improvisation, a parter-based movement form which uses touch, momentum and shared weight. We will investigate how the body moves and how two or more bodies in contact with each other can move together, fine tune your senses and wake up your ability to listen and respond to what is happening in the moment. Participants will learn to listen and communicate through their body and discover different ways of moving with a partner, sharing a point of contact, without pre-planning. Be prepared to experience the body moving, to let go of your weight, to follow and lead and go upside down! At the end of the session there will be time for participants to explore in a jam setting! 45 mins


Movement Medicine - Bonnie Macateer

A body based Movement Meditation Practice. That will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart. It will deepen your connection to yourself, your creativity and the integrity and guidence of your own soul. Movement Medicine is for everyone who wants to wake up, discover more of their creative potential, explore Shamanism in a down to earth way. discover ecstasy without drugs. It is for anyone who wants to include Conscious dance as a way to freedom, mindfulness, awareness and fulfilment. A safe space where you are guided to simply allow the body to find its own way. following your own inner rhythm, learning to trust the wisdom of the body. During this workshop you will be led gently into the dance to fully arrive in our bodies , Surrendering to what is and connecting with our creative life force within...Awakening the Dancer.. Together we will journey through the dance of the 5 Elements, A chance to feel nature within you and beyond you and to grow your freedom to respond. Becoming more aware of your capacity and ground of being. ABOUT ME- Bonnie is a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher and draws on 15 years experience of using movement work to support and transform her own journey through life. She has spent many years away traveling , living in jungles and forests connecting deeply with the earth and her place within the natural world, journeying with Shamans in the Amazon and sharing life and Ceremony with many incredible people along the way. She is a mother and dancer of life, it is her passion and calling to offer a space where we can Re-connect to the vast wild landscapes within and around us.


Yoga – Caragh Couldridge

Caragh is Sark’s very own wonderful yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga for many years and became a trained teacher in April 2016. She feels Sark is a natural and beautiful setting to practice yoga. She believes yoga practice helps keep people anchored and present in this busy chaotic world and hopes that Sark can become a yoga haven for so many more people.

Rise & Shine Yoga: Vinyasa flow yoga with elements of tai chi and Qi Gong in a morning session to awaken and energise your innate energy. The morning invites you to rise like the sun, to awaken and slowly energise and greet the day. It will be a practice suitable for all levels and be a joyful way to become present in the moment with body, mind and breath.


Yoga - Kristine Garlan-Hando 

Kristine is a Complementary Health Therapist and Yoga Teacher, offering SUP yoga, a land-based practice, and children's workshops, along with massage therapies. For the Sark Roots festival, Kristine will lead a 1 hour yoga practice where we will honour the gifts and abundances of mother earth and her oceans. Suitable for all levels and abilities, aged 9+ years.


Yoga - Katie Kalagi

Grateful to be able to share the knowledge of what Katie has learnt over the years; a key to a happier, less stressed out, healthier, balanced mind and body.  Katie invites you to take some well-deserved time out to breathe, and create space and flexibility on and off the mat. Katie will lead you through a Hatha Yoga Flow class, ending with a full Guided Relaxation, to leave you feeling the very many benefits of Yoga.


Yoga Fusion- Yogini Nataraja

Yoga Fusion is a class inspired by different styles of Yoga and movement practices; such as Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yin, Yoga Trance DanceTM and movement meditations. In this 60 minute session we practice Asana (postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Mantra & Meditation. Bringing awareness to the body and the energy centres of the subtle body as well as creating space for natural movement to emerge.



Love you feet (Reflexology type) - Chris Shepherd

From Sole to Soul -- Chris will share basic principles of reflexology and self-care techniques in this ‘hands on’ workshop. You will learn a chakra balancing foot massage that you can do for yourself or with family and friends. You may even discover how your body is speaking to you through your feet!


'Chromatotherapy' Colour puncture/colour puncture - Nataliya Zalyesova

The method of Chromatotherapy was created by Dr C.Agrapart, a French Physician, Neuro-Psychiatrist and Acupuncturist in 1980ies. It could be referred to as vibrational or informational medicine. This method uses therapeutic power of light (via coloured filters) in order to selectively mobilise energies described by Traditional Chinese Medicine. Projecting colours of specific wave length onto life organism (topically, eyes, acupuncture points) generate a constant reproducible reaction of the body. This painless, relaxing therapy can be used in conjunction with conventional approach to address emergency cases (burns, physical/emotional trauma, excessive bleeding), as well as balancing long standing conditions. Based on your doctor diagnosis, a strategy will be chosen to support weak organs and find and act upon the cause of disease. It is exciting to have modality that offers improvements for conditions where today’s science finds its limits (Parkinson, Diabetes, Psoriasis etc). I will briefly touch on theory and share exciting practical applications.



Kirtan uses a mantra which is a repeated phrase in Sanskrit. The meaning of the phrase varies depending on the chant but essentially it is a description of or signpost back to the source within. It may depict a particular quality or energy that the universe manifests on its purest level; goodness, truth, love, bliss etc.
Accompanied by some basic notes or chords on a harmonium or other instrument, someone leads the kirtan in chant and response. The bhajan slowly builds, percussion, harmony and instrumentality unfolds organically rising and falling in whichever way it might at that occasion. And as it falls away, a sense of connectedness, wellbeing and love arises from deep within.


Gong Healing Workshop - Sabine Lovelight

This year we are happy to announce a gong healing workshop at the Roots Festival. Gongs have been used for thousands of years. Some evidence suggests that gongs date back as far as the Bronze Age and the oldest instruments are over 5000 years old. In Asian countries gongs have been used as an aid for meditation and as initiation tool. Since the time of the Buddha all sacred Chinese Gongs displayed two Mandarin characters “Tai Loi“ which means “Happiness has arrived” sweeping away the darkness and bringing in the light. The power of sound and in particular Gongs is a new concept in the west, but gong baths are becoming increasingly popular in the wellness circles. During the group gong bath people lay down on their backs in the Savasana position to receive the soothing sound frequencies emerging from gongs and Tibetan singing bowls. A gong bath is a powerful sonic meditation which enables deep relaxation to bring about peace and wellbeing for improved health. The vibrations from the gongs assist the release of emotional and energy blockages in the body and stimulate deep healing on a cellular level.


"The Gong is the spirit song.

It is the primal whisper of the soul.

It's sounds is the echo of the Original Word that created the world, the sound within all sounds. Listen with outer and inner ears.

Feel its pulsations and let the millions of vibrations dance and flow through your senses. You will become fearless, relaxed and awakened. The ancients sought this experience on the tops of mountains and at the sacred places. The voice of God would thunder in, spectacular strokes of lightning. The clap of thunder - Bang! Shatter! Roll! Echo! - stopped all thought, stripped away pretence, shook loose the deepest fears, and rejuvenated the nervous system. It created strength, peace and healing. The Gong is that sound.

It is the flash of inner light. The mallet is the will of the infinite, the gong, the creation, and the sound is the spirit song, the heartbeat of the soul."

The workshop will be facilitated by Sabine Lovelight from Guernsey who is training with Sheila Whitaker and the College of Sound Healing and it will include a short meditation and breathing exercises.


Guided meditation - Kristine Garlan-Hando

Kristine will offer a 1 hour guided meditation in the healing zone. The meditations theme is about balance. Balancing our own energies helps to bring awareness to how our lives are balanced, or not. You'll be lying in savasana pose, lying down (unless you much prefer to sit), listening to Kristine's voice guide you through a deeply relaxing and nurturing mediation, working on the 7 energy centres of the body known as Chakra's, leaving you feeling grounded, open, and connected by the end.


Aromatherapy - Grace Galliot

Grace Galliott will be giving a group presentation on an introduction to essential oils. Come and have a sniff and learn some great tips and recipes for using oils at home. Free presentation to take home.


Natural Nutrition Workshop 'Nourishing Yourself to Great health' - Sophie Fuller-Shand



Walks & Talks

Permaculture - Aranya

Aranya is a busy permaculture teacher and author of ‘Permaculture Design: a Step-by-Step Guide’. He has served the British Permaculture Association for many years as both a trustee and a member of several working groups, including Diploma development, now acting as a senior tutor in the Diploma system. He has a You Tube channel ‘Learn Permaculture‘, and is currently finishing a second book about systems thinking & using patterns in permaculture design. Over the weekend he will give three talks:


1.    Change your world with permaculture
Wanting to green up your life, but not sure where to start? Permaculture can help! This workshop introduces you to its key elements and shows you how its ethics, principles and design process can help you clarify your next steps.


2.    The permaculture garden
While permaculture is so much more than just ‘a kind of organic gardening’, it can be the easiest place to start applying it. The principles of permaculture enable us to apply nature’s secrets of success to our own landscape, creating a diverse, wildlife-friendly and productive habitat, with less work. Come along and find out how.



3.    Patterns and forms - nature's secrets of success (Outdoor walk- weather permitting)

Nature abounds with beautiful patterns, but why do we see the same forms repeating over and over again? Discover how we can also use these patterns to efficiently and harmoniously meet many of our needs, such as conserving energy or distributing resources. This workshop will reveal a whole new way of seeing the world.


Seaweed and eat it workshop - Tara De Jersey from WildGuernsey

Seaweed is a versatile vegetable, grown for you by weeding required!

Join Tara for a 1hr seaweed forage, starting at the festival entrance (3pm Saturday) walking down to Port da Moulin bay. Get in touch with your inner mermaid/merman to experience Sea vegetables, packed full of goodness and gifts for our bodies, both on the inside and out.


Permacultrue Garden Walk - James Harrison

Take a tour around Stocks Hotel permaculture garden where you can see how permaculture principles have been used to design a multifunctional and productive vegetable and cut flower garden. Learn how the garden aims to support wildlife, and see the results of sheet mulching and the no dig techniques used in its creation. 


Soil Ecology and Composting regenerate landscapes by restoring and supporting soil biology through compost derived applications and land management practices, to increase health and resilience of plants, increase biodiversity, improve water systems and positively affect the climate and the environment.


We will run a workshop detailing the basics of soil biology, composting and good land management principles for use at home or in commercial applications.  We will focus on the Soil Food Web, noting how restoring and supporting the microbial life in soil is vital to a healthy planet and its inhabitants.  We will explore basic composting methods and systems that can be employed in kitchens, back gardens and, if relevant, on a larger scale.

Dark skies walk and talk to the island's observatory

In celebration of Sark being the ‘world’s first dark sky island’ join members of Sark’s astrological group SASTROS in a dark skies walk and talk to the islands observatory where star constellations can be pointed out to you with a laser pointer. Take a closer look at Mars or see the rings of Saturn through a high powered telescope! (£5 donation per person for use of the observatory, limited to 12 people so booking is essential).



Wild Shinrin-yoku walk - Amanda Bond

Shinrin-yoku meaning Forest Bathing is in essence Mindfulness in Nature…with a focus on sensory experience, and developing a sensual relationship with the more-than-human world, and oneself.


Not a hike, walking at a slow pace to explore your surroundings with all your senses. This practice brings you into the present moment. The forest supports the body's natural and inherent capacity for health and wellbeing. Listening, learning the Art of Stillness in Motion.


Forest Bathing research has highlighted many benefits such as:


Increased vitality

Increased physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

Enhanced serenity, relaxation and a sense of joy

Greater HRV (heart rate variability) - shows our bodies are in health maintenance mode, rather than fixed in crisis mode

Reduced stress

Lowered blood pressure

A boost to the immune system


The walk will include invitations to participate in various sense-led activities: sitting, listening, observing, touching, tasting, and more!


We'll complete the walk with a tea ceremony incorporating wild foraged herbs.


Cloth nappies - Becky Chandler

A talk that covers all areas of a cloth nappy journey, with demonstrations of real nappies, speaking about environmental impact & compositions of real vs disposable nappies. We will also be talking about the huge benefits of "CSP", Cloth Sanitary Protection & also comparing them to disposable products.


Cider Making - James Meller from Rocquettes cider

Join local ‘Rocquettes cider’ maker James Meller in a hands on demonstration and workshop on how to make your own cider. Learn the tricks of the trade, see how last year’s batch went and hopefully have a taste test!


Living creations

Daniel Martel from Living Creations will be giving a talk on biodiversity in the Channel Islands. Covering local minerals, microbiology within our soil, sustainable living, transitioning to an off-grid lifestyle, crystal hunting and healing, and the benefits of growing hemp in the community.

AND OF COURSE how to go about preparing and forming your own long lasting succulent and cacti living creations from the natural elements that surround us... FOR FREE!

There will also be a stall selling all sorts of succulent and cacti gooodies with jewellery and headbands to bring life to your get up...

Ital living

One love


Kids & Creative

Family Art Workshop - Chloe Molnar

No art experience necessary!

Trust Your Brush!
'Ever wanted a pet unicorn? Or maybe a wise owl to hang in your kitchen? Or a little monster with 3 eyes and purple wings to hang in your kiddies bedroom...Here anyone and everyone has the
opportunity to come to my magical creatures workshop and create, cut out, collage whichever magical creature is close their hearts.... Parents or children come and get in touch with your creative side... Collages, spirit animals and goddess colouring activities... Please join in and create or colour a magical creature, goddess or mystical spirit either illustrated by myself or created by you... Come with me on a journey to a world of fantasy and creativity'
Let's have some fun! -Coco Nuuti Murals and artwork ”


Jewellery making - Verity June

We had so much fun last year getting creative in the Sunshine. Please come join Verity June again so she can help you make some jewellery and share her ideas in a jewellery making workshop. Open to everyone.


Lantern Making - Shakira Christodoulou

This creative workshop provides a relaxed space and everything you need to make your very own willow-and-paper lantern to carry in the fire parade on Saturday night. Join us to let your light shine! Children are very welcome to come with you – it’s a lovely family activity to do together.

And in case of worry - these are traditional hand-held lanterns not flying lanterns.


Slacklining and Balance skills - Ross Torode

Join Ross Torode in learning the skills of balance and walking the slackline!

Walking on a slack line, tightrope, or trapeze is no longer reserved for just circus performers! In fact, this kind of activity can be done by all and holds numerous health benefits. This meditative but social activity helps improve your balance, posture and core strength, while also sharpening your focus and boosting your memory.  A 2011 study found in the scientific journal Hippocampus that said “slack lining led to an increase in the structural and functional plasticity of the hippocampus, an area of the brain responsible for navigation and memory”.


Juggling - Mike Fawson

Come and learn some juggling skills with the fun and funny Mike Fawson.

Not only is it a lot of fun, it offers many excellent health benefits!

Juggling engages your problem-solving skills, and is excellent for helping you master the art of concentration. The intense focus required for juggling can filter into other areas of your life that require the same type of close attention.

Did you know juggling has been proven to increase the amount of gray matter in the brain! Research also suggests it may prevent Alzheimer’s disease, making it a great choice for brain fitness. When you juggle, you’re not only burning calories, toning your body and strengthening your core, you’re exercising your mind as well. This is why there’s no need to worry about how long it takes you to learn to juggle – the longer it takes you to learn, the more you are exercising your mind!

Juggling is also very meditative. When you’re learning to juggle, you are immediately absorbed in the activity. It’s almost impossible to think of anything but the task at hand. This makes it a great way to escape any worries, stress, hardships, or anything that might be hanging over your head.


Trash band percussion

Children and adults alike are encouraged to let go and be inspired to follow their natural rhythm and release that beat from within in this special area of percussion instruments made from trash!